1971 5star ad

by Guruprasad

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1971 ad of Cadbury 5 Star. It cost Re 1. A 1971 graduate’s starting salary was Rs 500. Means he could afford 500 such chocolates in 1 month salary. A 2011 graduate salary is 25,000 and 5 star costs Rs 10. Means one can afford 2500 such chocolates in 1 month salary.. So, can we say “Chocolate purchasing power” of Indians has increased by 5 times over 40 years? :) If your dad was buying a 5-star for you once in 10 days, its equivalent to buying once in 2 days in today’s world!! And we always thought our older generation was stingy :) Hats off to all our parents for never letting us down and they did their best to keep us happy, by sacrificing their own needs/wishes :)