2200 yrs old map

by Guruprasad

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This was the world map taught in European Schools 2,200 years ago. (Around 200 BC)

Notice how India is shown at the lower right corner as a square country with a slight peninsular extension.
Yes, its surprising to see India being labelled “India” even 2,200 years ago.
In fact, it was called “India” even 6000 years ago.

No wonder Africa is the dark continent because only 20% of it was explored. Another interesting thing is that it shows an island named Taprobane (Adjacent to India and below it) which is actually the ancient name for Sri Lanka

America? What is that? :)
If not for Christopher Columbus, America would still be anonymous..

This version of the map was created by a Greek named Eratosthenes using inputs from Alexander the Great.

So, what is thought provoking in this pic?
One should always have the quest for truth. If they had never explored, they would still be studying the same maps even now. One should have an open mind to accept more facts as and when they come from reliable sources, accommodate these facts and continue evolving. Nothing is perfect, nothing is final. Everything is evolutionary in all aspects of life.