Ox IT revolution

by Guruprasad

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This ox kickstarted the IT revolution in India:)
This is how Texas instruments’ first dish satellite was delivered to their new office in 1985 in Bangalore.

More details here:

An old technology vehicle (cart) carrying an equipment of latest technology.
Isnt it surprising to see such a confluence of technologies?
I am not sure why they had to use a cart in 1985 when we already had goods carriers, trucks etc.
Maybe because Indian centre was supposed to be a cost cutting centre, they decided to start off with cutting cost even on the transportation of equipment? :)

So, what is thought provoking in this pic?
This pic tells us that there is no right or wrong or serious or funny way of doing anything as long as it serves its purpose.
Just because you have a modern equipment does not mean you need to wait for the right modern vehicle to transport it. Nothing is insignificant, nothing can be underestimated. Even something as trivial as an ox cart can kickstart a billion dollar revolution :)