Bangalore goes mobile

by Guruprasad

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“Bangalore, get ready to go mobile”

This was how Bangalore woke up to a mobile world in 1997 and JTM was the first mobile operator.
3 years later, JTM was acquired by Airtel.

I still remember my schoolteacher used to carry mobile in 1997-98 and say that it costs Rs 32/min if he makes a call and Rs 16/min if he receives a call.
We used to think “Seriously? I would spend 1 re on the nearest PCO and spend the rest 31 rs on chocolates for the whole month!!” :)

But what a contrast now..
The game changer was Reliance, who swept the market with free incoming calls, spearheaded the competition and brought down tariff and it was due to the vision of its founder who said that one day people should find it cheaper to talk over phone than write over postcards.

Thanks to such a vision by Dhirubhai Ambani, now my monthly mobile bill is lesser than my monthly chocolate expenditure :)