Indian Express blank editorial

by Guruprasad

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Indian Express, 28th June 1975.
There were many ways in which citizens and establishments protested against the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975, but this takes the cake.

Censorship in newspapers were severely imposed by the govt and most of the newspaper publishers were helpless.
As a mark of protest, the editorial section of the Indian Express was left blank!!

Till then, well written editorials used to create an impact in the society. But this was the first time a blank editorial created a greater impact on masses.

I wonder why I was not taught all these things in school. All I studied in my school history books was about the glorification of our past prime ministers (especially of a certain dynasty), 5 year plans, how some chacha loved children and used to carry red rose in his pocket, where he was born, how he grew up, where he died, how many people attended his funeral, how many bullets were shot by the bodyguard when a PM was walking in her garden etc.