Prince Rolls Royce

by Guruprasad

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Our beloved Maharaja, Bhupinder Singh on his Rolls Royce.
Somehow our Kings and Princes were greatly fascinated by the Rolls Royce brand and used to buy those cars in bulk. Mysore Maharaja used to buy them in multiples of 7 at a time and it was popularly called “Doing a Mysore” and it seems he had 24 Rolls Royce in his garage at some point of time.
Bhupinder Singh was the most notorious of all. He used to go on a motorcade with a fleet of 20 cars together and was known to have more than 50 Rolls Royce in his garage.

There is a nice documentary about Rolls Royce’s love affair with Indian Maharajas.

The complete documentary can be downloaded from these rapidshare links. Total of 550 mb