Tank Man

by Guruprasad

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One of the most defining moments of history.
An unknown rebel, nicknamed “Tank Man”, stops a series of tanks by standing in front of it. This was during the Tienanmen protests in 1989.

Short video clip showing how this gutsy man stopped the tanks.

There is a nice documentary about the Tank Man, about his impact on Chinese, and about the protests in general.
You can watch the documentary online here:

Now here is the interesting tidbit. It seems all information, photos and videos of the tank man and the protests have been censored by the Chinese govt in books, media & internet. So if you come across a Chinese kid now, there is a 99% probability that he would have never seen this picture :)
Our office firewall might be susceptible, but the Chinese govt firewall is unbreakable!!

Its high time we make the “Great FireWall of China” one of the wonders of the world :)