grizzly bear

by Guruprasad

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One of nature’s greatest events.
A salmon fish jumps straight into the mouth of a Grizzly bear.

When Salmon fishes migrate upstream in rivers, they sometimes encounter mini waterfalls. In such cases, they have no choice but to jump over it and reach the top and continue migrating. It is precisely at this point, the bears position themselves in order to catch the fishes jumping and it appears as if the Salmons are jumping straight into the bear’s mouth :)

Watch this amazing 1-min video showing the dramatic fish jumps in action (David Attenborough’s narration is the icing on cake)

Reminds me of a business article which concluded saying “If you have the right strategy, you dont have to run behind customers. The customers will come in search of you”
Here, the bear is a “businessman” and fish is the “customer”. Usually, bears hunt for prey. But in this case, the bear knows the strategy to get fish directly into its mouth.

Can we apply similar philosophy to life also? Is hard work the only way to succeed in life?
Or do we need strategy & risk also to be more successful?
Or is it about being in the right place at the right time?