NGC Camels

by Guruprasad

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Very popular photograph from National Geographic.

Did you get it right at the first glance? Observe carefully. What you think as Camels in this pic are actually the shadows, while the actual camels are upright and the photo is shot while directly over them.

Trigonometrically, this photo makes sense because it was during sunset. But 99.99% of the people come to wrong conclusion on a quick first glance of the photo.

The picture is fascinating and rare, but whats so thought provoking or what can we learn from it? Remember the old moral story?
“Never judge a person too quickly”
This applies to all walks of life. But let me take an example which everyone can relate to: Recruitment.

We often hear that first impression is the best impression, but this thinking need to change. Just because a person fumbles in the first 2 mins doesnt mean he is worthless or just because he looks energetic doesnt mean he is fit or just because he comes with a suit and polished shoes doesnt mean he is professional by mind too. Thats the soft skills evaluation part.
Coming to technical evaluation, even specialized technical recruiters easily succumb to good facades rather than the foundation (Just to re-iterate the common dialog in today’s industry: You have written a mini OS in your free time? Nice. But you dont know Android? Sorry. We cant hire you)

No wonder companies like Microsoft/Google insist on having 10-15 rounds of interviews before judging any candidate and thats one of the reasons why they are so successful..

So whatever I said is from recruitment point of view, but the same can be applied to anything.