Co education blamed

by Guruprasad

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Indian Express.
1960 news article.
This article talks about govt investigation report which says that the concept of co-education has led to lot of failures in 10th std (SSLC) and hence has to be abolished or discouraged!!

I cannot comment much on this. But when I asked my mom about it, she said when she was studying in school, although the pass percentage used to be very low, there was literally no communication between boys and girls at all. So, blaming co-ed for the low passes cannot be the reason she says. In fact, she recalls from her schooltime how careless teachers used to be. It seems one of her teachers would come to the class and start knitting sweaters without teaching anything. Some of the teachers would never come to School at all for days. That was the state of govt schools (Even now such govt schools exist). Maybe it was such careless attitude of teachers which was the real reason behind low passes.

See what kind of recommendation was given by the committee. Discouraging co-education itself!! Apart from that, the other points seem to be genuine i.e restricting class strength to 35-40, libraries, availability of text books etc. But the recommendation of abolishing co-education takes the cake :)