Snake and Mangoose

by Guruprasad

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Snake and Mangoose together? :)
Very rare picture of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates being together in early 1980s, when the Personal Computer industry was still in infancy.

In the early 1980s, Apple was marching ahead with powerful GUI machines, which they had copied from Xerox anyway.
You can find out more about how Apple copied the GUI and mouse from Xerox in this pic:

Bill was restless when he saw such GUI machines launched by Apple. He knew that if MS also does not do something similar, they will be out of business. So he came up with a wicked plan. The MS team approached Apple for a partnership to help them write software for Apple computers (But the intention was to learn about GUI and launch MS-Windows later)

Watch the 5-min clip here:

Apple and Microsoft became good partners, with MS writing software for Apple machines and the wizards would meet regularly at each others home. This photo was shot during one such meeting.

An interesting clip from 1983 where you can see Steve & Bill playing a software dating game :)

Later, Steve realized Bill’s intention of copying from Apple, became furious and had a bitter fight before parting ways.

How Steve found Bills’s intention, how Bill used his wicked ways to cheat Apple and what led to the fight is another interesting story which I will be narrating using a different picture :)

There is a nice movie named “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” documenting the real story of how these pioneers themselves went on to become pirates to get the crown in the industry..


Full movie available in torrents. Or you can watch the full movie on youtube: