Welcome IBM

by Guruprasad

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1981 full page newspaper ad.

The boldest ad campaign ever in the history of Computer Industry..

This was how Apple greeted IBM, when the latter decided to finally enter the Personal Computer industry in early 1980s.
The biggies like IBM/HP had always unestimated the potential of PC industry and missed several opportunities to capitalize on it.

Here is a nice incident which happened at HP. Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), who was working for HP showed his prototype of a PC to his VP, and the VP frowned upon the idea questioning why a common man would need a PC (And this was the response Wozniak wanted so that he could use the prototype to build the first Apple computer)


Budding entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had identified the potential of PC and had the guts to dive into it. Success was an instant phoenomenon, they made millions and they began appearing on cover pages of TIME in early 80s.

Steve Jobs on TIME cover in 1982

Bill Gates on TIME cover in 1984

Apple never missed an opportunity to mock at IBM (which was popularly called big blue). Afterall, it was in Apple’s DNA to bring down IBM from its monopoly.
Throughout the early 1980s, Apple challenged IBM’s big brother attitude by making several impacting ads.

But the most impactful ad was the one made in 1984 during the launch of Macintosh and it was aired only once (during Super Bowl) and has won several awards for its concept and impact.
It tries to show how IBM has brainwashed the whole kingdom into using its products, while Apple tries to rescue the kingdom. Like a David & Goliath story.
Watch the ad here:


Now, 35 years later, Apple has monopolised the tablet industry. So, Motorola recently tried to use the same concept in making its ad to show people how they are brainwashed by Apple and Moto is going to rescue them by offering them the Xoom tablet.


But the ad turned out to be a disaster for Moto because the context in 1984 was completely different from what it is today..