1939 corruption in India

by Guruprasad

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Jan 29, 1939.

Mahatma Gandhi openly admits about the rampant corruption of Congress in 1930s..
He even goes to the extent of suggesting an overhaul of the system by purging the congress.
Notice how fears Congress monopolizing the future of India and the Anarchy had haunted Gandhi even before independence.

The anti-corruption drive in our country has hit an all time high, especially in the past few months due to unearthing of gigantic scams of our Congress govt. But is this something new? Is this the first time we are witnessing such corruption in India? No. India has always been notorious for its corruption for centuries and millenia.

Someobody has spent a lot of time on compiling all the scams in independent India starting from the Jeep scam of 1948.

Some of the highlights were Indira Gandhi’s corruption of 1970s, followed by her Emergency, Rajiv Gandhi’s Bofors scam of 1980s, subsequent hearings on swiss bank money etc which shattered people’s faith in the system:




The hardworking Indian taxpayer’s money has fueled the Swiss banks instead of fueling the Indian economy which is a big shame!!

Corruption, scams & Unethical practices in India are not limited to modern times & political parties alone. It dates back to history of kings as well.
One good example of corruption & unethics is about Mir Sadiq who betrayed his own king (Tipu Sultan) and went in favor of British in 1799:

1799 can still be called recent. Go back by another 3000 years, you can find corruption described in Holy Vedas too:

The story of Mahabharata & Ramayana also teach us about corruption and its consequences.
Devdutt Pattanaik (Chief Belief Officer & a mythologist) has a nice article about why corruption exists and gives some interesting analogies.

If corruption is so ancient, pervading and everlasting, what can be done to stop it? It cannot be stopped. It cannot be made zero. It can only be reduced. It can be reduced by being proactive in the system and not to be blindfolded to the events happening around us. We are in a democratic world and our recent event of Hazare’s protest with the support of millions of citizens has proven that people have the final say, not our dictators at Delhi.

India is known for its tolerant culture, but it was this tolerance and blind eye towards system which helped Mughals invade us and British rule us. I am not saying we must be violent. Our freedom fighters have shown us how to protest and still be non-violent and still be tolerant. Anna Hazare also demonstrated it recently.

There are still people who are blindly following the corrupt govt and refuting all the facts that are against them saying all the news are manipulated and half baked and the dynasty rule is the best rule India can have. No use denying facts. It will harm everyone in the long run. You cannot afford to feed a snake in your house and nurture it. It will bite you one day. Better to realize the fact and leave the snake in its habitat. Good for the snake as well as good for us.

Lets use our democratic rights and calmly participate in our system for a bright future.. :)