1939 Tata Airlines brochure

by Guruprasad

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A brochure of Tata Airlines showcasing the rich tourism of the Indian subcontinent.

Check the full res pic here:

JRD Tata had founded an air mail service called “Tata Air Service” in 1932 with the purpose of delivering mails across the country swiftly. The most interesting part is that JRD Tata himself flew the first airplane of the newly founded company and carried the first air mail.

It slowly starting adding flights for passenger service as well. In 1938, it became “Tata Airlines” and the above brochure was printed to attract passengers for tourism. From 1940 to 1945, the regular service was halted due to world war II and finally, the complete regular service was restored in 1946. During the same year, it became a publicly listed company with a new name “Air India”.

Notice the air routes in the brochure. Most of the tier 1 cities were covered, except Bangalore and Calcutta.
Another surprising thing is that inspite of being a private airline, how did it become a govt-owned unit? Why Bangalore & Calcutta were not in these routes? I will answer those questions next time by narrating a story using a different photo :)