Bangalore Airport in 1947

by Guruprasad

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Bangalore Airport.

In one of the previous pics we saw how Tata airlines renamed to Air India in 1946 and came back to service.

We had some questions like why Bangalore and Calcutta were not shown in that brochure.
Let me answer those questions here..

Walchand Hirachand, with the help of Govt and encouragement from Kingdom of Mysore, established HAL in 1940 to produce military aircraft.
The HAL Airport at Bangalore was built with an intention to test such military aircraft, and by 1947, it became a part of the Air India network with regular flights for freights.

Here is a brochure from 1947 showing Bangalore as a part of the airline network.

Next question, why was Calcutta not shown in 1939 brochure. That was because the city was added to Air India only in 1946 (when it came back to service).
Here is a brochure from 1936 showing how Calcutta connection with Bombay was being considered as a proposed service:

So, thats the reason Bangalore and Calcutta were not featured in 1939 brochure..

The next question we had in that picture was, How did Air India become govt owned? I will narrate that interesting story later using another photo :)

Yes, Many of you are interested to know about the business tycoons who fell in love with Air India flight attendants and eventually got married to them :) That story also later.. Such beautiful stories cannot be told in 1 shot. Some suspense required :)

If you are interested in Indian Aerospace history in general and HAL in particular, I suggest you visit the “HAL Aerospace Musuem & Heritage Center” at Old Airport Road, Bangalore. You can easily spend a day watching rare historical pictures of HAL with lots of information and flight/helicopter models and real products. There are some flight simulators which the kids will definitely love (extra fees for that). And there are small retired airplanes in which you can take some photoshoots as well :)

Someone has been very patient enough to give a comprehensive writeup of his visit to the museum and posted lots of pics here (including route map)