Blue Marble

by Guruprasad

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50th pic in this album!!

So thought of uploading something which is relevant to every person on this planet..

NASA image of Earth (with India being at the centre) :)

You can check for much higher resolution pics of it in NASA webpage here:

Dont forget to download the 2048 x 2048 image from it. It is mesmerizing!!

The earth knows no boundaries. The earth knows no hatred. But it has an abundance of tolerance & love towards its creatures. We have misused its tolerance and exploited it in every possible way. Careless industrialization leading to climate change, unplanned urban growth leading to drastic consequences, wars leading to loss of humanity, human greed leading to endangering of species…. the list is endless.

Its never too late. Lets give back our earth the love it needs. And in the process, lets spread love to people and animals around us.
Love is all you need to create a better world..
Lets give our best and hope for the best in future!!

In the meantime, lets listen to this song (by Beatles) and motivate ourselves: