India Pakistan partition deal

by Guruprasad

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Final agreement of Partition between concerned bodies with Mountbatten being the moderator. (Thanks to Partho for sharing this pic)

If one goes back into history by 100 years, say in 1910-20, the whole focus was on India getting freedom from British.

But as the news of independence became more confirmed in 1940s, some of the politicians felt it was time to unleash their plans to “win the hearts” of their community members and in turn, get some powers. This plan was from Jinnah, asking for a separate nation for his community (so that he can rule it as the king instead of being just a minister in the united subcontinent). The Indian National Congress (INC) rejected his proposal outright, but Jinnah was adamant. In 1946, he declared “Direct Action Day” provoking his followers to go out on the streets for a riot, which led to thousands of death and finally the INC budged under pressure and agreed for the partition.

Lord Mountbatten was requested to initiate the partition plan, and was chalked out in June 1947 which popularly came to be known as “June 3 Plan” or “Mountbatten Plan”. As per the plan, all the partition and transfer of power was supposed to be done with Aug 15th as the deadline, which was just a few weeks away. So, in order to pace up the work and let the members know about the criticality, Mountbatten had hung up a big board showing how many more days were there for the deadline, and was updated everyday as shown in this image:

In June 1947, Sir Cyril Radcliffe was appointed to draw the fine line considering demographics & natural boundaries. He was given full freedom to take final call for any decision to be made without the need to consult anyone else. By the time Radcliffe arrived in India to start the work, it was already July and he had just 5 weeks. Being from an unrelated country, Radcliffe put human emotions aside and just went for demographics/statistics without even looking at the feasibility.

It seems the partition was so cold blooded that in some of the towns, the line went through canals and in few places, some of the rooms went to a nation and rest of the rooms of the same house went to another.
Check the 3rd photo and the description in it which says the partition line went thru this canal and had to be redesigned

Even in administration also, offices, libraries, furnitures etc had to be partitioned based on statistics.

Further information regarding what happened after this plan was published, its impact on the nation, refugees and subsequent riots etc an be found in one of the previous pics of the album here:

Coming to think of it, the common man never wanted a partition. As we could see from all the facts above, it was a plan hatched by a few politically motivated people and it hardly takes time to brainwash people. Although Indians & Pakistanis are arch rivals, deep down, we are all the same people. We have similar tastes, similar likings. Afterall, we struggled for freedom also together seeking the common goal of a free nation!!
It seems Mountbatten also expressed his hope that he would like to see the partition dissolve after few years and wished for a united nation in future. It has been 65 years now and still the feeling of bitterness is there between countries at political level. At the social level among citizens, things are improving. Pakistanis are watching bollywood movies, Indians are inviting singers from Pakistan for concerts and so on. The press and media is still bitter because they are answerable to the govt, but the common man is still open for an “Aman ki Asha”..
Things will be fine. But it will take time. Time is the best healer.
Lets hope for the best!!

In the meantime, lets listen to the song which tells us who knows when we will be united:

Also in the meantime, lets listen to John Lennon and wish his imagination comes true one day: