Infosys Couples

by Guruprasad

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Upper pic: The legendary Infosys couples during its early days.
Lower pic: Recent photos of the same couples.

From the previous pics of the album, we got to know a little about Narayana Murthy’s younger days

Also, Sudha Murthy’s bold initiatives against gender discrimination:

Today, we shall know more about these couples so that we will be able appreciate the story of Infosys in future pics.

NRN and Sudha got introduced to each other though a common friend (Prasanna). NRN was a shy, simple, introvert guy. Sudha was bold, cheerful, extrovert gal. But as they say, opposites attract, they both started meeting more often. One day, NRN proposed to Sudha and she asked her parents for approval. Sudha’s father rejected it outright because NRN did not have a stable job (he could have easily got a job but he wanted to be a research engineer), he had communist ideas (Sudha’s father did not like it) and seemed to be a confused chap. Sudha respected her father’s decision and put things on hold.

However, they still continued seeing each other. Since he did not have a stable job, NRN was always running out of money. Although they used to meet for dinner and movies, it was Sudha who would end up paying the bills. She had maintained a diary keeping an account of all his borrowings (They were not yet married, so it was all considered loan to be repayed later)

Finally, NRN decided to take up a job as General Manager at Patni Computers and proposed her again.
Sudha’s father agreed for the marriage and the knot was tied in 1978. NRN never repayed the “loans” which Sudha had noted in her diary and after the wedding, she tore it down :)

Now, coming to Nandan Nilekani’s story. While doing his bachelors at IIT Bombay, Nandan was active in extra cirricular activities like organizing events and conducting quizzes. It was during one such quiz, he met Rohini. Since they had common friends, they also started meeting each other with friends (like how NRN and Sudha started). Similar to NRN’s story, Nandan and Rohini also started liking each other after several meets over dinner and eventually tied the knot :)

The reason I wanted tell this story is because these ladies played a significant role during the initial days of Infosys.
What role did they play? Did they write code? Did they train new joinees? Did they ignore their kids and focus on building the new company? Or were they able to manage work life balance inspite of working for the startup? All these questions will be answered later using different pics and narrations :)