by Guruprasad

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Adelie Penguins await their turn to dive into the sea to begin their seasonal migration. These penguins migrate around 13,000 kilometers every year!!

Ok. That was informative. Such a picture is rare. But what is thought provoking? There is something we need to think about this and learn from them.
Notice how they are lined up in a nice queue and awaiting for their turn before jumping into the sea.

One might think these Penguins are at leisure and can afford to spend time and wait for their turn.

But thats not so. They need to jump out before the iceberg melts (and it is melting continuously). So, each penguin is desperate to get out and dive. But inspite of that, see the discipline and their code of conduct. Is there a policeman to ensure such discipline? No. And they are just “animals”.

Now, compare such a situation with the highest form of creatures called “Humans”. We are supposed to be Clever, Intelligent and have much higher IQ than these “animals”. But what do we witness among humans? Discipline? No. Only Chaos.
Remember how many times we have been in queues and found people (or even ourselves for that matter) jumping queues, cursing the queue, getting frustrated.

You might say this happens only in India and curse Indians and the Indian way of system. Chalta hai, Swalpa Adjust maadi, Jugaad etc are some excuses we put for Indians not being disciplined. But the problem is not only with Indians. Its with every human being in the world. Maybe such instances are high in India but it exists across the world too.
Check developed nations like the US and find out how their queue breaks apart during a black friday sale.
Here is a video of a black friday chaos in US:

So, is it a problem with humans? Why so? Why do “dumb” animals like Penguins have so much discipline but not humans?
Is it because we consider ourselves so “smart” that we can go on breaking rules? Or is there a thrill when one breaks a rule?
I dont know. But we can definitely learn something from this picture….