by Guruprasad

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1950. North Carolina, USA.
Shot by a popular Photographer named Elliott Erwitt.

This is one of the many photographs showcasing the practices of racial discrimination in a “developed” nation called the USA. But not to forget that such practices were everywhere across the world (and still is, even now in some places) and was of the most severe form in our own country even few decades ago.

our country has a disturbing history of treatment of untouchables. Atleast in this picture, we can see that such people in USA are not denied of basic facilities, they have another wash basin which looks less luxurious. But in India, such people were not even allowed within few meters of radius of the “elite class”, let alone facilities.

Today, although untouchability is abolished in India, it is still haunting many places, especially in the rural areas. How many times have we read about dalits being stripped and paraded. There have been reported instances of cops tying dalits to bikes and pulling them on road. What these people in rural want is mainly respect and education. Unless we have a solid foundation of primary education across the nation, things wont change. Instead, our “visionary leaders” have ignored primary education & seem to be thinking that installing millions of self-statues & increasing a few OBC seats in offices and premier higher education institutes will solve all the problem. But what about primary education? Oh yeah, The schoolkids dont (and cannot) vote anyway. So why bother?