Sir MV

by Guruprasad

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Dr. M Visvesvaraya. (Sir MV)

Most of us would have studied about Sir MV in our school days. Info like where he was born and when, what is his contribution to the nation etc. So I will try to give some information which most of us would not have studied or maybe forgotten by now.

Born in a poor family in Muddenahalli of Karnataka (then Mysore State), MV came to Bangalore for higher education. If you remember the first photo in this album, it was of Bangalore High School which later became Central College, and it was in Central college where MV studied.

Just to remind you of Bangalore High School

Keeping all the other info for some other day, today, I will share some events and the habits through which MV demonstrated the following qualities
-Honesty & Work Ethics
-Absence of ego
-Dedication & excellence

Honesty & Work Ehics: While being in govt service, MV got a car from govt. While all his colleagues who had got such cars used it for their personal use also, MV bought a car from his savings to use it for his personal use. There is another ineresting anecdote about MV’s work ethics. Once a friend went to meet him in the evening when he was writing a document. MV asked him to wait. After sometime, MV turned off the lamp, kept his pen & papers aside. And pulled out another lamp, lit it, and took another set of pen and papers. The friend asked what was wrong with the other pen/paper/lamp. MV told him that he was doing office work till now. So he used office lamp and stationery. Now, he will do personal work, so this is his personal lamp & stationery!! That was he kind of work ethics he had.

Discipline: MV used to get up at 4:30am every morning and would report to office by 7am with clean and tidy clothes which he used to himself wash and iron. From 7am, he used to work till 8pm. Whenever he was supposed to give a speech, he would rehearse it for hours with discipline.

Absence of ego: During his old age, he went to USA with his Indian group & visited a factory. The factory officer showed them the working of several machines and when they came across a huge machine, the officer said that to know how it works, one has to climb the 75 foot ladder. Immediately, the old aged MV went ahead and started climbing the ladder while his group members were standing there and thinking it is not their job to climb.

Dedication & excellence: He did his work with passion & dedication and always gave his best. One of his popular quote is: “Remember, your work may be only to sweep a railway crossing, but it is your duty to keep it so clean that no other crossing in the world is as clean as yours”

This is just a brief overview of his qualities. There are still lot more things to know about him and learn from him. The technologies he invented. The factories he built. How he was influential in creating educational institutes. There are more examples demonstrating his integrity and honesty. His moral values & lack of ego.
I will narrate all those using different pics later :)

There is a nice 15 min video clip about Sir MV, his qualities, achievements and contribution to the nation:

While watching the above clip, pause it at 2:07 min. you can see a photo of the 1866 matriculation batch of the same group which is the first pic in this album :)

But MV was not a part of that 1866 batch because he was born in 1861 and would have completed his matriculation sometime in 1877.