The Story of Amul

by Guruprasad


Starting from today, as a tribute to Dr.Kurien, I will be narrating the story of Amul in the form of mini-episodes similar to photo-stories. Each entry will be uploaded by end of day (by 9pm) for the next few days.

Before diving into the story of Amul, it is advisable to read about Polson’s butter company which is the first episode in the series uploaded in the following album titled “Story of Amul”:

Further episodes will be in uploaded in the above album as continuation of previous episodes. For the benefit of readers who are not in facebook, I will be uploading the same episode here (wordpress blog) as well.

Feel free to participate in the discussions and share this with your friends so that they will also be able to tune into the series narrating the inspirational story of Amul :)