Chimp with Tiger

by Guruprasad

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A chimp named Anjana takes the role of a mother for 2 tiger cubs (one of which is shown in this pic).
The tiger cubs were born during a hurricane and had got separated from their mother due to floods.

Nice. It is rare and the above facts make it informational. But what is thought provoking here?
Think about their species. The chimp being from a different species shows so much love towards these tiger cubs. Not to forget that tigers are actually predators and chimps would never even imagine to come close to them, let alone adoring them..
If creatures of different species can love each other and get adjusted, then what is the problem with us in adjusting with same species as ours?

We humans, being of the highest form of life, drastically fall short in such behavior. We have a problem with every other human beings and hate each other, either on basis of color, caste, creed, boundaries. If there is a conflict at international level, countries wage war. Within the same country, if there is miunderstanding, the states fight for river water, language, migration (marathi manoos case). Within same city, we have riots. Within the same office, we have office politics and ego problems. Within same team, we have jealousy. As you see, no matter how much you zoom in from 6 bn ppl international level to a 2 member team level, there is a problem.

Problems like jealousy, egoism etc are minor and they are prevelant everywhere. Every person/country has some of these characteristics and it is not very harmful. However, with regard to our country, there is a bitter hate with its adjacent country.

If you read the details of the above link pic, you will get some insights about the problem. The partition and hate was never intended by common man and was politically motivated by few shrewd, wicked & genius leaders. Having said that, children are infinitely better than adults in such cases.

Talking about borders, there is an interesting ceremony held every evening at Wagah border called “lowering of the flags” by the soldiers. The energy level of the soldiers is very high and it appears to be hostile but they are doing it with pride. Watch a 3 min clip of the ceremony here. It is very interesting:

On the contrary, watch this brilliant ad which showcases the kind of feeling young children have towards the other country (May still not be true in real world but we are moving towards it)

This is because children have a clean heart & mind which is not affected by any brainwash. By intuition, they tend to remove barriers and communicate. The animals are also like that as you saw in the chimp and tiger cub pic.

There is a lot to learn from children and animals. If we can all retain our wisdom in brains and become children at heart again, the world would be a better place to live..

Lets hope for a borderless world with all the people living life in peace..

In the meantime, lets listen to John Lennon and hope his wish comes true one day.